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Urban Art Brixton: 8-9 July 2023
Once again, South London’s tree lined Josephine Avenue was transformed into a bustling open air Art Fair on Saturday and Sunday, 8 and 9 July 2023.  Following the success of last year, I was pleased to exhibit again as Urban Art Brixton celebrated its 21st year. 
Jorge's pitch at Urban Art 2023 - before the rain descended
My pitch at the Urban Art Fair - before the rain descended!
Jorge's pitch at Urban Art 2023 with plastic sheets protecting the artwork from the heavy rain
Taking cover...   the plastic sheet was up and down several times on Saturday
This was my second year, joining over 120 other artists in this wonderful show.  It was a joy to present and talk about my work; and also a rare opportunity to mingle with other artists, sharing experiences and ideas.  The English weather added drama to the first day, with a torrential downpour, but this certainly didn't dampen the enthusiasm of exhibitors and visitors.
So, I would like to thank all those who came to see my work, and for the great and encouraging feedback.  A particular thank you to those who bought one of my paintings.  And special thanks to Tim Sutton, who organises this wonderful show, and his team of volunteers who make sure it goes smoothly.

As an artist I spend so much of my time in my studio, preparing canvases, mixing colours, experimenting with different media and styles, making and framing my work.  A new work will usually find space on one of the walls of our home and I may live with it for several months - it's almost like it becomes a member of our family.  That's why exhibiting in person at an Art Fair like Urban Art is so important for me, so that I can meet potential future owners of my work in person... not quite the same as finding a suitable new home for a cherished pet, but.....

For more information go to    See you next year!
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